Dawn Project Competition 2024


Competition Framework / Guidelines

The Dawn Project is dedicated to addressing the consequences of climate change, plastic pollution and ecosystem/biodiversity degradation through artistic expression, in order to ensure a cleaner and healthier environment which will ultimately be beneficial to the well-being of all citizens, and by extension, the world at large.

The Dawn Project is excited to announce the launch of its 2024 competition, “Oceans of Opportunity: Preserving Today for Tomorrow” This competition is an opportunity for individuals to showcase their creativity and share their perspectives on the theme.

Contestants are encouraged to use their imagination and create entries that can be in various forms such as essays/poetry, graphic design and music. This means that the competition is open to all types of creative minds, regardless of their preferred medium or artistic style.

The theme “”Oceans of Opportunity: Preserving Today for Tomorrow” conveys the idea that our oceans hold incredible potential and opportunities. Oceans play an essential role in the fight against climate change and the creation of a sustainable future but it’s our responsibility to preserve them for future generations. Oceans are a cornerstone of the Earth’s climate system, serving as major carbon sinks and heat absorbers, thus helping regulate global temperatures. This theme serves as a reminder of the positive impact ocean conservation can have on our environment and society. 

The competition encourages participants to think creatively and holistically about how oceans can be managed sustainably while tackling climate change. 

Successful entries will offer actionable and innovative solutions that balance the needs of the present with the preservation of our oceans for future generations.

The competition is a platform for contestants to express themselves and communicate their ideas to a wider audience. It provides an opportunity for participants to showcase their skills and creativity while addressing a pressing issue that affects us all. 

The Dawn Project looks forward to receiving entries that are thought-provoking, imaginative, and visually engaging, and that inspire positive change in the world.

Categories & Prizes:  

  • Adult (18 & Above)- Writing: N300,000, N150,000, N100,000 plus consolation prizes..
  • Students Ages 14-17- Writing: N100,000, N50,000, N25,000 plus consolation prizes.
  • Students Ages 7-13- Writing: N50,000 , N30,000, N25,000 plus consolation prizes.
  • Creative Design: N300,000, N150,000, N100,000 plus consolation prizes.
  • Music: N300,000, N1500,000, N100,000 plus consolation prizes.

Entry Guidelines:

Essay/Poetry: The Essay/Poetry must address this year’s theme  “Oceans of Opportunity: Preserving Today for Tomorrow” The subject matter can be addressed from different aspects of this theme. Essays or poetry should not be more than 200 words.

Creative Design Guidelines: Contestants are invited to create artwork around the theme. The entry could be in either any form of artwork, painting, drawing or innovative graphics. (NOT AI Generated) 

Music Guidelines: Contestants are invited to create a song around the theme, sing it and record clearly with their own sound.

All submissions MUST speak to the theme:  “Oceans of Opportunity: Preserving Today for Tomorrow

Please note all submissions MUST be original to the contestant, NO PIRACY, NO Copyright, No use of AI.

Any work found to be plagiarised will not be considered and will be automatically DISQUALIFIED.

Submission Guidelines:

To qualify:

  1. Follow @Dawnprojectnetwork on Instagram, @Dawnprojectng on Twitter or visit our website www.dawnproject.org
  2. Click the link in our bio to register, accept the terms & conditions and upload your entry.
  3. Entries should have the participant’s name and category in their captions. Categories Include:  Writing: Age 7-13, Age 14-17, Adult Category (18+), Creative Design (All ages), Music (All ages).
  4. ALL the entries will be expertly reviewed by a panel of Judges.
  5. You may post your entry using the hashtag #Dawnoceansofopportunity #2024dawnprojectcompetition on Instagram or Twitter. Entries may also be reposted on our social media platforms.


  • All entries should be submitted in either JPEG or PDF format. Music entries should be submitted in MP3 format.
  • Please be sure to clearly label your work in your caption, with your personal details: name, age, and occupation/school (include district if applicable), work and contact details (email). You must also complete the online registration form.
  • All entries must be the original work of the contestant submitting and previously unpublished.

Who is Eligible?  EVERYONE

Submission Opens: 29th April, 2024

Submission Deadline: 31st July, 2024