Earth in Crisis

The Dawn Project Launched its 2021 competition on Sunday, 21st of March, 2021 (World Poetry Day).   


I speak

Today, I speak for mother Earth,For the tiny creatures whoseHomes are lost from twisting soils and clearing spaces.I speak for the sea and marine life,Bellies filled with plastics and chemicals.I


SIGNS – (by ADA UDEH) I began as a seedPlanted to bear fruits. I grew into a forest My fruits feeding mankind. Little did I know my fruits were not

Global warming

               LETS SAVE OUR LAND  Global warming you are guilty, But we will make our land a beauty How will you feel when there

We Are Because Nature Is

today again, i will sit with grandma under the old almond tree where my ancestors drew their first and last breaths. yesterday, she told me that — like the ubuntu

Nature in Distress

Our land has long been left to mournin the heaps of dump and stacks of clumps.The refuse dropped have brought it scornand made its heart into a wretched slum. Our

Restoration; a needed path

Restoration; a needed path………By Jennifer.U.Igwe   Neighbours more like enemies within the gate We threw the first stone without debate Lived dangerously even without a knife Puffing tons of carbon

Creatures filling the Depths   There are things in our oceans, Creatures from places not quite unknown, beings with skins of reds, of yellows, of transparence, bodies with angles, curves,

‍ Ask mama, I’m not Isaiah, but I foresee a world you despise: a world— where jungles become deserts, where water becomes poisonous, where fish turn filthy, and reefs turn

Mother Earth

I wake up, I’m happy. I get a fruit, From a nice tree. I smell the clear air, The flowers I pluck with care, Its too much so I share,

Mother Nature’s Consensus Handcrafted by the ages, she’s so beautiful, A steady presence, not fleeting or fanciful; Her features unrivaled, she’s a work of art, For eons & eons, she’s


  • Adult: N200,000, N100,000, N50,000 plus consolation prizes.
  • Students Ages 7-14: N50,000 , N30,000, N20,000 plus consolation prizes.
  • Students Ages 15-18: N100, 000, N50,000, N20,000 plus consolation prizes.
  • The Grand Prize for the Creative DesignN200,000, N100,000, N50,000 plus consolation prizes.
  • Special “Lufasi Park Prize” for the entry with the most likes*** N200,000




Join Us and Save the Earth

All you need to do is plant at least a tree in your garden, farm or anywhere else you deem fit. Each tree planted helps sustain life on Earth.