Through the Pain

Anuoluwa Soneye

I am Anuoluwa Soneye. I see poetry as an art capable of changing the world. I am a creative copywriter by profession. I am currently pursuing an M.A. in English Language at the University of Lagos. When I am not writing, I am either playing games or playing piano.

Through the Pain
Adult 18 and Above
Revive" beautifully intertwines the themes of climate change and sustainable development. The poem vividly portrays the consequences of human actions on the environment, symbolized by the thick black smoke and the desolation it leaves behind. It highlights the urgency to address the impact of burning fuels, littering, and pollution on our planet.

The poet's vision of a time when the dead seas will live again and fishes will swim in freedom reflects the desire for a world where nature can flourish without human interference. The poem emphasizes the need to protect our oceans, lands, and skies, envisioning a future where we can all breathe freely, without the barriers of pollution and environmental degradation.

Through its emotive language and evocative imagery, "Through the Pain" is a beautiful portrayal of Nature's resilience in the face of human devastation. The poem uses vivid imagery to depict the Earth's strength and ability to endure despite the "haze and poisoned air" caused by human activities. The poem highlights the tenacity of her rivers, the enduring life on scarred streets, and the grace that lies deep within her spirit. It serves as a poignant reminder that despite the harm we inflict, Nature's beauty and strength continue to thrive, offering hope for a future of renewal and restoration.

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