The Cry of Nature

Hokon Olasubomi Pesu

As earlier stated, my name is Hokon Olasubomi Pesu. I am a student of the prestigious Lagos State University (LASU) studying English and Portuguese. I enjoy reading during my leisure time, I cook very well and honestly enjoy my quiet time. This is not to imply that I am an introvert; I am an ambivert (I am ambidextrous too). I pride myself in my effective interpersonal and communication skills acquired through adequate research and constant practice. Being a youth who has been exposed to different aspects of life and its nuances, the subject matter of Climate Change is one I am quite interested in. Having a little knowledge about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at a young age from my mother who happens to be a Social Welfare Officer, I can say we have a long way to go in the achievement of targets set towards tackling climate change. Nevertheless, as long as we can do our part and contribute our fair share, we can overcome this imposing obstacle. I aspire to be a radical change-maker in the annals of Nigeria’s governance and drive it towards a sustainable future.

The Cry of Nature
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Anchoring on the theme "Nature's Resilience: The Beauty of our World", I chose a subject matter "The Cry of Nature." My poem is laced with endless imagery with no particular rhyme scheme, although, some puns might be encountered on reading. My poem appeals to the senses and uses familiar mediums to create a picture in the mind of my readers. It is passionate, blunt and insightful. It is expected to elicit a feeling of responsibility and feel like a call to action.

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