She Spoke

Akinmayowa Shobo

Mayowa Shobo is a Nigerian youth whose is passionate about social impact work brought about by innovations in the health and environment sector. He is a development expert recognised for his social impact works in Africa. A social entrepreneur and pharmacologist who resides in Lagos, Nigeria. His literary works are widely read on diverse platforms.

She Spoke
Adult 18 and Above
"She Spoke" depicts the life of a typical young marriage with its blissful potential and promises. "Okun" is the translation of "sea or Ocean" in Yoruba Language. As the daughter of the great Okun, the author attempts to describe the nature of the victim (the daughter of Okun) was agreeable and peaceful, usually avoid conflicts. Yet her spouse (who represents human) takes her silence. Having being the victim of abuses (include pollution from indiscriminate discharge for waste from industrial processes, plastic pollution etc), she struggles for life. The continued abuse is about to cost her her life. Finally she speaks about the abuses in a "emotioned gurgled voice"

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