Oceans of Opportunity

Emmanuel Owosanni

Emmanuel A. Owosanni is a law student at the University of Benin, with a strong zest to make positive societal impact. He is currently the Nigerian branch President of the African Young Leaders’ Foundation (A multinational aimed at propelling African changemakers for continental renaissance) and also the Group CEO of Observatorial, a social enterprise that promotes civic engagement and accountability through data and technology. He is also a Student Animator at Yappi, a digital platform that creates animated content for social causes and campaigns.

As a social innovator, he is optimizing his leadership capacity and honing his skills in dialogue, nonviolent activism, and dispute resolution. He has a passion for shifting formidable paradigms concerning the various aspects of social innovation for sustainable national development. He is an articulate formulator of workable and sustainable ideas that occasion socio-economic, political, and legal development for individuals and communities. He is a seasoned believer in the effective use of dialogue and nonviolent activism as ultimate civil tools for dispute resolution. He is an approachable young leader whose capacity for public accommodation and social tolerance far out-spans that of his contemporaries. His privileged pedigree of skilled and effective sociolegal competence qualifies him as a social engineer and a highly motivated reformist.

Oceans of Opportunity
Adult 18 and Above
It alludes to the biblical Noah's ark

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