Guardian of the Coast

Adio James Oluwapelumi

I’m Adio James, a fresh graduate from Yaba College of Technology, I’m a street photographer, videographer and visual artist based in Lagos state, Nigeria. You can check out my works @pelumimedia on all social media platforms.

Guardian of the Coast
Creative Design
As the waves shape the shore, we can shape the future of our oceans. In this moment, the flexed arm represents our collective strength to tackle climate change and protect the ocean's vast potential. The bridge in the background symbolises our connection to sustainable solutions, standing strong against the tide, this individual embodies the spirit of ocean conservation. Just as the bridge in the background connects land and sea, we must connect our actions to protect the ocean's vast opportunities for future generations. Together, we can build a bridge to a sustainable tomorrow and flex our collective strength to protect the ocean's opportunities.

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